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While most Artists opt for a more romantically inclined style of songs, Lexy Schiess goes in a different
direction and chooses words of inspiration and empowerment for all, by providing a soundtrack to the
heartbeat of what’s going on in the world. Her two new singles “ I AM “ and “ ANYBODY THERE “ touch the
soul of young and old.

Before signing her first distribution deal with Universal/Canada at the tender age of 14 for her debut album
“Today Is The Day“, Lexy was a staple in the modeling industry in her hometown of Charlotte, North
Carolina.  Now the 21 year old recording artist is proving to the music world that she has a unique
talent singing different genres, though Pop/R&B is for sure her foundation in providing the recognition as a
respected singer.

The talented singer, actor and model has been featured in prestigious TV commercials for NASCAR and
ESPN. First, my modeling career began when I was 7 years old. My Agency placed me soon into domestic
modeling competitions in different cities. When I witnessed the talent competitions, particularly the
singing  talent on stage that the same age as I was, I fell instantly in love with musical performance. I knew
then that I wanted to become a singer. I begged my Dad to let me take vocal lessons, as a result I became a
classically trained singer in Italian Opera, classes that I took for almost 3 years , beginning at age 10. Today
Lexy attributes her success to the untiring support of her Father and late Mother!

Lexy’s music is unique and very marketable in the Pop culture arena. Her style and vocal approach is
influenced by Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera.  At the very beginning of my teens, I
literally grew up doing music.  I watched singers and musicians on TV  and go to concerts. I knew that music
will be in my life for good, it’s my passion, I breathe music, I always listen to music.

Remarkably consistent with her overall approach to creating timeless songs, it is evident Lexy profoundly
invests her attention to energy and meaningful creativity into her own music. Throughout her career
development, Lexy has worked with Producers that have done music for many of today’s well known stars.

Her two latest singles are available on iTunes and Amazon and are distributed by Island Def Jam digital

For information, please contact: LSproductions04@aol.com

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L E X Y  S C H I E S S
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